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Ivanti Interchange 2017
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AMB100 - Ivanti Asset Management Suite from the Ground Up Ever wonder what the Ivanti IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite really consists of? Why it’s important? And how it can benefit you? Join the product experts to learn the key features in Asset Intelligence and Asset Manager. You'll discover how you can improve efficiencies and achieve quick ROI through the proper management of your IT investments. Breakout Session
AMB110 - IT Asset Management – How to Start When You Don’t Know Where to Start Organizations often struggle to master the art of IT asset management (ITAM). They stumble over the unexpected hurdles, slowing down or sometimes derailing their ITAM program altogether. Join us as we walk you through the different components of an ITAM program to help you become more successful in your initiatives. Breakout Session
AMB120 - How Mature Are You? ITAM Attainment Model IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) have been around for a long time, though few organizations have attained the highest level of maturity. If you're just starting out on the ITAM/SAM journey, or your initiative is already underway, the attainment model will show you how to propel your program forward to reach its full potential. Breakout Session
AMB130 - Discovery – The Foundation of Any Asset Management Solution Your assets are everywhere—on the network, in the cloud, virtual or physical. The discovery, collection, reconciliation, and normalization of your asset data into consumable information is foundational for any asset management solution. Join us for a technical deep dive into the next-generation discovery and inventory platform, and see how it has become a foundational component for the entire Ivanti portfolio. Breakout Session
AMB200 - How to Gain and Retain Executive Support for Your ITAM Program Support from your CIO, CFO, and/or CSO can determine the success of your IT asset management (ITAM) program, but gaining that support can be challenging. Fortunately, there’s a way to prove your program's business value and ROI. Breakout Session
AMB300 - Lessons Learned from IT Asset Management Customers Learn best practices that will get you on your way towards a successful IT asset management program. Come hear experiences from real customers sharing real solutions. Breakout Session
AMB400 - How to build a successful IT Asset Management Program This session will discuss the strategic business value of IT Asset Management. We will identify the foundational components required for success. Attendees will learn the difference between IT Asset Tracking and IT Asset Management, each with their respective requirements for resources, processes, tools, and executive support. The session will focus on the importance of delivering value to the business and to individual stakeholders. We will address ITAM maturity and the importance of knowing where you are today and how to safely get to the next level. ITAM is a journey, the secret is in knowing how to make the journey fun and rewarding. Breakout Session
AMB410 - ITXM – The ITAM, ITSM, and Security Crossroads ITAM, ITSM, and security encompass overlapping initiatives. Learn where their roads meet, and discover steps to increase efficiencies and reduce duplicate efforts. This session delivers insight into how these solutions work together to improve service levels, track asset lifecycles, and protect your IT investments and your organization's sensitive information. Breakout Session
AMB420 - Data Center Licensing with Ivanti License Optimizer Introducing Ivanti’s newest IT asset management solution, License Optimizer. Learn how to transform the way you manage complicated server license models, and start optimizing your software investments across all vendors and all platforms. Breakout Session
AMB430 - Advanced IT Asset Process Automation Having automated processes in place ensures your organization has direction when events like onboarding and offboarding, software audits, or hardware refreshes occur. Learn how to develop processes like these to help you achieve increased efficiencies while protecting IT assets. Breakout Session
AMB50 - State of the Union: Ivanti IT Asset Management Over the last year, IT Asset Management - including both SAM and HAM - has seen exciting growth and changes, both in the industry and from Ivanti. Attend this session to see and hear the latest updates on Ivanti’s complete ITAM portfolio, including new additions License Optimizer and Data Center Discovery. Also get detailed insight into our exciting vision and strategy for ITAM in 2017 and beyond. Breakout Session
AML100 - Asset Intelligence – Getting Started with B2B Connectors and Data Normalization in Data Analytics This lab covers how you can eliminate spreadsheets and gain vendor visibility with business-to-business connectors. These connectors aggregate manufacturer, vendor, and reseller data such as purchase order numbers, device types, and location mapping from the moment you acquire a new asset with Data Analytics (Powered by LANDESK). Hands on Lab
AML200 - License Optimizer Self-Led Workshop – Defining an Effective License Position Get hands-on experience with an introductory look into License Optimizer. Prepare to optimize your software investments across all vendors and all platforms. Hands on Lab
AML300 - Asset Intelligence – Software License Monitoring and Reclamation This lab will cover the SLM features in the current version of LDMS and will include normalization, reclamation, and allocations. This lab is powered by LDMS. Hands on Lab
AML400 - Asset Manager Introduction What is it? Where do I get started with Asset Manager (formerly Asset Central)? Hands on Lab
AML500 - Asset Manager Deep Dive How can I extend Asset Manager (formerly Asset Central) to do more? Hands on Lab
Bfast3 - Breakfast - Thur Thursday Grab & Go Breakfast Conference Activities
Lunch3 - Lunch - Thur Thursday Grab & Go Lunch Conference Activities
OSB100 - Get the Inside Scoop: See How We Use Our Security Products Inside Ivanti At Ivanti we use our own software for internal projects—with the goal of making those products more effective for our customers. In this session we’ll highlight how we’re using Ivanti Management Suite security components and Ivanti Application Control. We’ll also discuss our Ivanti product implementation roadmap, and the products across our portfolio you should consider based on your own needs or Ivanti implementations. This discussion will give you a good idea of the sessions you’ll want to attend next. Breakout Session
OSB120 - Defeat Ransomware with Multi-Layered Protection. Get the Skinny from Our Experts. There's no silver bullet for cyber crime. But in this session we'll show you how you can mitigate 85% of malicious attacks through a combination of patch management, privilege management, and application control. Breakout Session
OSB130 - Patch Management Best Practices 2017 2017 introduced many new obstacles on the path to effective patch management. Join industry experts for a best-practices session to tackle Microsoft's servicing model changes and more. Plus, gets tips for patching more than Windows to drive effective patch management across your enterprise. Breakout Session
OSB140 - Want a Safer Network? You CAN Remove Local Admin Rights with Ivanti Application Control. IT security teams know that removing local admin rights reduces security risk at the endpoint and supports regulatory compliance. End users believe that retaining admin rights is critical for their productivity, and they resist desktop lockdown. What if you could balance end users’ needs against the business-critical need for security and compliance? In this session, you’ll learn how Application Control allows IT to remove local admin rights while keeping users productive. Breakout Session
OSB160 - Trust Your Apps. See How with Ivanti Application Control. What apps are on your end users’ desktops? Can you say with certainty that every app on every desktop is safe, approved by IT and the business, appropriately licensed, and needed by the end user to get the job done? Come see how you can answer ‘yes’ to all these questions. You’ll learn how Ivant Application Control helps IT ensure that every app on every desktop is trustworthy. Breakout Session
OSB170 - What a CISO Wants: Come See How We Deliver Security without Impacting Users How do you keep your employees productive, your customers happy, and your business innovative and evolving, while keeping the extended enterprise secure? It's a key question for the CISO of any organization. In this session we'll explore the security controls and solutions that will help you strike that perfect balance despite ever-increasing cyber attacks. We'll also look at how critical incident and risk management processes map to specific security product features in our portfolio. Breakout Session
OSB180 - Learn More about Ivanti Endpoint Security: Prevention, Detection, and Remediation for Non-LDMS Customers Targeted threats are on the rise. Balancing layered, point-based technologies that protect against these persistent attacks with budget and resource restraints is the struggle. Come see how Ivanti Endpoint Security layers on multiple protection strategies—including AV, patch management, and application and device control—reducing the attack surface from an integrated platform. Discovery and inventory of hardware and software provides visibility across the enterprise for a complete view of the security posture. Breakout Session
OSB190 - What's New in Xtraction? There is no security without visibility into your security posture. That's your starting point, measuring stick, and security roadmap. In this session we'll discuss how Xtraction's customizable dashboards and reporting are the pathway to strong controls and compliance. Breakout Session
OSB210 - What's New in Patch for Windows Servers 9.3? Want to take operational efficiency to the next level? Join us as we showcase Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 APIs for everything from vulnerability scanners to the DevOps toolchain. We'll show you how you can better integrate your patching process to extend your visibility and workflows. Breakout Session
OSB220 - What's New in Security for Endpoint Manager? Do recent headlines have you worried? Get the skinny on Ivanti Management Suite capabilities like discovery and inventory, remote control, and our new elastic search that help prevent, detect, and remediate security-related incidents. We'll also walk you through the latest features in Ivanti Endpoint Security for Management Suite, such as master boot record protection and stopping running ransomware in its tracks. Breakout Session
OSB230 - Anatomy of Ransomware: Get Up Close and Personal with a Major Security Threat In 2016 Symantec’s Security Response team observed an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, a 300% increase over the 2015 daily average. In this session, watch and listen as our Development and Product team dissects the techniques used by malware and ransomware, and learn how to mitigate them. We’ll cover the attack vectors used, how to thwart them, plus how to manage the user estate to minimize risky behavior and the chance of zero-day outbreaks. Breakout Session
OSB240 - What's New in Ivanti Application Control? Application Control’s latest release builds on the significant advances delivered in v10, which gave customers highly flexible and granular application control and privilege management to protect their end-user environment and deliver a great user experience. In this session you’ll learn how Application Control fulfills its release goals of Windows Server 2016 support, enhanced ransomware protection, and ease of use for IT. Breakout Session
OSB260 - Do Regulations Have You Sweating? Secure Your Windows Servers with Ivanti Application Control. Many organizations achieve regulatory compliance and keep end users happy by using Ivanti Application Control to remove end user admin rights without compromising users’ productivity and experience. But what about IT users accessing your IT server estate in the datacenter? In this session, you’ll learn how to use Application Control as a role-based access solution for servers, minimizing access rights and protecting the data center against attacks. Breakout Session
OSB310 - Whitelisting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Our Experts Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls. Whitelists are traditionally challenging to set up and maintain. With other solutions, every time a new program or patch is introduced to your environment, your whitelist must be updated. Do you have time for that? Does anyone? In this session our experts will outline a simpler approach, based on monitoring user activity to build a minimal but effective configuration that eliminates untrusted user activity. Breakout Session
OSB320 - Tips and Tricks with Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 Virtualization challenges? We'll show you how to handle them. Better DevOps orchestration? No problem. In this session we'll walk you through new capabilities and best practices for maximizing Patch for Windows Servers 9.3. Breakout Session
OSB340 - Disrupt an advanced attack with defense in depth Learn what puts the "advanced" in advanced persistent threats. Experience a live attack and see how a layered defense-in-depth approach at the endpoint complements network layers to provide protection every step of the way Breakout Session
OSB340r - Disrupt an advanced attack with defense in depth. Learn what puts the "advanced" in advanced persistent threats. Experience a live attack and see how a layered defense-in-depth approach at the endpoint complements network layers to provide protection every step of the way Breakout Session
OSB50 - State of the Union: Operational Security Cybersecurity is more important than ever. The way we do business is evolving quickly, and the threats to our business continue to increase and evolve. IT needs to strike a delicate balance between security and enablement of the business and users. In this session we’ll provide an overview of the challenges facing IT and Ivanti’s security strategy and vision for this year and the next. We’ll set the stage for and help you navigate the Security Track at Interchange to get the most value out of it. Breakout Session
OSL100 - Prevent, Detect, Remediate: Tackle Ransomware with Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager Ransomware and other malware pose a very real threat and require sophisticated, multi-dimensional protection. In this lab you'll learn how to configure prevention, detection, and remediation features on Ivanti Endpoint Security for Management Suite to better defend against these threats. Hands on Lab
OSL110 - Explore Scopes, Custom Definitions, and More with Ivanti Patch for Endpoints Create custom definitions alongside other lab participants, and use them to explore cool features in Ivanti Patch for Endpoints (formerly LANDESK Patch Manager). We'll look at Scan by Scope, Autofix by Scope, Pre- and Post-Repair Scripts, and Process Killing. And we'll go over new features in Patch for Endpoints 2017. Hands on Lab
OSL120 - What Is "Trusted Ownership"? Test Drive Whitelisting in Ivanti Application Control What if you could secure your users' environments and demonstrate compliance while actually getting time back in your day to support core business goals? We'll show you how it's done. Get in the weeds with engineers and Ivanti Application Control powered by AppSense as you learn the ins and outs of dynamic whitelisting with a side of taking back your admin privileges. Hands on Lab
OSL130 - Balance Security and User Needs: Explore Privilege Management in Ivanti Application Control Least privilege doesn't have to impact the user experience. Come work with the tool that can get you there, and get tips from experts who know it best. We'll show you how to deliver solid app control and increased compliance while keeping users productive and help desk calls to a minimum. This lab is powered by AppSense. Hands on Lab
OSL140 - Here’s Your #$@&%*! Report! Test Drive Xtraction for Security Wondering how to bring more business intelligence to operational security initiatives? Get hands on with Xtraction and our security products with a crash course in dashboard creation from our experts. Hands on Lab
OSL150 - Multi-Layered Security from the Trenches: Get Hands On with Ivanti Endpoint Security Configure application and device control features for endpoints. Or work with the experts to set up patch management for Linux and UNIX servers. Get the tips you need to secure your enterprise using the multi-layered protection in Ivanti Endpoint Security. This lab is powered by HEAT. Hands on Lab
OSL200 - Integrate and Automate: Explore Scripting with Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 APIs Learn more about Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 APIs and take them for a test drive. Explore scripting examples that detail how to interact with them, and discuss additional possibilities with our engineers and product managers. This lab is powered by Protect. Hands on Lab
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